Super Tank Rumble


Build your own tank and fight against your opponents' creations


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Super Tank Rumble is an incredibly fun game that challenges you to build your very own war tank and put it face to face against other worldwide players’ tanks.

Just like robot combats, in Super Tank Rumble you have to take care of your precious creation and add all the features that you think are important to make it into a real killing machine. To accomplish your mission, you have a garage where you can modify your vehicle with all the attack and defense weapons you want to add. During the battle against your opponents, you must really know how to control your machine if you want to have a surviving chance. Fire a canon and try to destroy your rival’s tank. As you begin winning the battles you’ll start earning coins that can buy incredible upgrades for your tank.

Face your opponents with your tank and climb up the world rankings to become the best tank fighter in the world. Have fun improving your vehicle and play anywhere with Super Tank Rumble.