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Asia's most popular MOBA is on Android


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Strike of Kings (aka Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor) is a MOBA where you partake in online 5v5 player combat with the usual brutally strategic gameplay prevalent within this RTS sub-genre.

Thanks to its surprisingly high production values, plus its refined control systems; Strike of Kings has managed to accrue huge success in the Chinese market which is no small feat, standing today as a worldwide reference within its genre.

With its 25 characters to pick from and a nearly endless array of special attacks and strategic possibilities, Strike of Kings is emerging to gain traction for the entire MOBA genre on Android, just like League of Legends and DOTA 2 did in the past for MOBAs on the PC market.
The long-awaited MOBA Honor of Kings debuts in the West on August 10

A flood of news is coming out of Asia about the hit MOBA Honor of Kings, a game for iOS and Android that's killing it in China with more than $150 million in revenues during the month of June alone and the number one title in terms of both downloads and revenue. Besides its entertainment value, we're also hearing bizarre reports such as the fact that its developers disconnect players under age 18 every now and then to make them rest or block the entry of any new young people from a certain time onward. With all these chops to their name, the looming date of August 10 promises to be a proper event as it's the day slated for the game's global release.
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To download the OBB file for Strike of Kings you'll need to hook it up to your Google Play account.

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