PHP Programming


Study the basics of information engineering with this app


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If you study information engineering and you want a quick way to review the basic principles and foundations for this field, PHP Programming is an app you can use to access notes on different topics in this field from your smartphone.

This app's content is divided into main topics and other essentials you'll need to master information engineering: an introduction to PHP, HTML form handling with PHP, decisions and loops, files and directories, how to generate images with PHP, database connectivity with MySQL, an introduction to OOPS, and much more. And each of these topics is further divided into subtopics so you can study all the different aspects and topics more comfortably.

Thanks to PHP Programming, you'll have all the tools necessary to answer any burning questions and learn lots of information from these notes and summaries. You don't need an Internet connection, either, so you can access all this information without needing to be connected or loading it page by page.