Program your Instagram posts


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Latergramme is an application that allows you to program your Instagram posts so that you can publish the right picture at the right moment.

Using Latergramme is very easy: users select an image that's stored on their device (although you can also do it directly, taking the picture right then), continue as if you were going to post the picture, select the text you want to accompany the photo, and, lastly, select the exact day and time you want it published.

When that day and time comes, Latergramme will notify you. You just have to click on this notification, which will link you to the screen where you post on Instagram. From there, you'll complete the final steps. That's to say, Latergramme won't post the pictures automatically, but will instead make you complete one more step in order to confirm the post.

Latergramme is an interesting application that would be much better if it didn't have this last step. Despite this, it is very useful for posting pictures to Instagram and doing it at the specific time that you choose.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher