Dice - Video Chat. Match. Meet. Make friends.




Meet people around you and chat with them via video calls


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Dice - Video Chat. Match. Meet. Make Friends. is one of the most comprehensive apps for meeting new people that you can find. It combines several successful features you might recognize from Tinder, Badoo, WhatsApp, or even Skype. On Dice - Video Chat. Match. Meet. Make Friends., you can find other users who have common interests. You can also filter them by distance, compatibility, or whatever other criteria you want.

Meeting new people with this app is very easy. Even though it uses the same swipe system as Tinder, you don't have to have a match in order to start a conversation. Explore profiles of users who are online and decide who you're interested in talking to.

One of the most interesting features the app offers is the ability to make video calls, making it easier to get to know new people and making sure you're not talking to someone with a fake profile.

Combining the most popular features from different social networks is sure to result in something worth your time, and Dice - Video Chat. Match. Meet. Make Friends. is excellent proof of this.