Arena Stars: Rival Heroes


Use your cards and attack the enemy base!


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If you're an RTS fan and are looking for a new real-time challenge, try the interesting game Arena Stars: Rival Heroes and test your strategic planning skills in Its exciting battles. Carefully managing your resources is essential to winning the game!

In this adventure, you play as a hero who brings a set of unique characteristics to the battles. Of course, your mission in each battle is to reduce your opponent's health to zero, and you'll have to use all your allies to do so. Specifically, there are a few different troops you can deploy, but each one requires a specific amount of energy, and can only be sent out to battle if you invest that amount of energy in its card. But while you're waiting until you have enough energy, your hero will have to face the enemy alone in the arena.

Each one of the troops in Arena Stars: Rival Heros not only requires a certain amount of energy but also has specific attack and defense points. Skilled strategists will use their available energy wisely and deploy troops at just the right moment while keeping an eye both on your own troops and your enemy's attack and defense abilities.

The top of the screen displays you and your enemy's remaining life, and it's up to you to make sure your enemy's life reaches zero before yours! Create a custom deck of troops and heroes, skillfully use their abilities, defend against the enemy onslaught, and win exciting battles in Arena Stars: Rival Heroes!